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Early Morning Geekery: 365-6

Good morning Antwerp

Good morning Antwerp

Another noisy photo today but it was 5am in Belgium (4am UK time) and I only had my phone handy for taking photos with.

I like fonts, especially these retro “N”s, and find them really evocative of the continent and the Art-Deco style. I also like travelling by train, so all in all the early start had its bonuses. A nice little typical European station to set me up for the day.


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Font Geek

Tinker is displeased at the news of his impending holiday

With less than a week left in total to get all my stuff packed up, I’m running around like the proverbial decapitated farmyard fowl. At the weekend, I did what was probably the most difficult thing so far, and took my cats to their holiday home in Oldham till I get back in June. (The good news is that they’ve settled in fine, but it just doesn’t feel right being in my house without having to watch for something furry trying to steal my lunch).

Anyway, to cheer me up, my boyfriend got me TOP TRUMPS WITH FONTS!

Type Trumps!

Now, not only am I a lover of Top Trumps, with fond memories of battling my brother for the steam train with the biggest wheel diameter (2.06m, although I’m buggered if I remember which engine it was), I also really like fonts. A bad font annoys me, one well chosen to illustrate the subject delights me. I was rubbish at art at school but I remember fondly the GCSE art project I did about different fonts, and another inspired by the design and layout of art deco railway posters. Which probably goes a long way to explaining why I was rubbish at art.

Type Trumps not only has loads of different ones, all the cards are individual and designed for that font. I particularly like that they’ve made the effort to work the categories for Times (New Roman) into prose like a newspaper:

The Times (Roman)

and that the Univers 39 Ultra Thin Condensed is designed like a movie poster:

Need to go see a film now

Oh and the card for the font they use for road signs on the German Autobahns? It’s in German! (Added bonus – I get to practice my rusty German skills!)

Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch

And there’s a superpower category too, and if you pick that one there’s no defined winner – you have to argue why your font’s superpower makes it the coolest. (The one made famous by Nazi Germany is a definite loser if that happens). But happily, there are a shedload of actual really cool things that each font was used for, which if I’m honest I’d have real trouble choosing between.

See, told you I was a geek. I’ll leave you with the card for my favourite font ever:

Underground, Overground

Who wants to play?!

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