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Partytime: 365-14

Balloon Nest

Balloon Nest

This made me smile when I came home this evening – to find the wind had blown the remains of my neighbour’s party decorations into my shrubbery. I just wish it hadn’t been dark, with a bit of sunlight for that extra bit of sparkle…

Happy 65th

Happy 65th



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Christmas Reclaimed: 365-2


Today I took down my Christmas tree, it feels like December has been hanging over my head like a shroud. I feel more positive in the house already.
These are the Christmas decorations that I have been collecting from the different places I have visited over the past year. My little attempt to reclaim Christmas back for myself with my own little memories.
I’ve found the perfect home for them for the other 11-odd months of the year, nestled in a gorgeous Hotel Chocolat chocolate box, which was a present from my mum this year, and which I can’t bear to throw away (the chocs were delicious too). Spot on.


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