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Pretty Belgian Houses: 365-9


Pretty Belgian Houses

Pretty Belgian Houses

Thursday was my first failure on the taking a daily photo front. Oops. In my defence I went to a work-related meeting after spending all day at work, and said meeting went on longer than expected and when I got home at bedtime I didn’t feel like I’d had much material to work with. I wanted to avoid posting similar photo-subjects too close together, so rummaging round the house for random objects to snap was out, as were cats for the same reason. With hindsight I could perhaps have taken a picture of my work bag, but for me, this project is about my outside-of-work life, so I decided to sleep on the decision instead.

Three days later and I’m still not a hundred percent sure what my preferred option would be if this situation crops up again, but I’m hoping that’ll become clearer as time goes on, and also easier to avoid in the first place. To paraphrase the Boy Scouts, I need to be prepared for these eventualities!

But, for now, I’m going to cheat. Just a little bit. Above is a photo that I took in Brussels last spring (yes, I know it’s Belgium and I was in Belgium last weekend, but that was Lier, so it’s different. Definitely). I’m choosing this photo because firstly, you can’t go wrong with Belgium, and secondly this was one of three of mine that were spotted on Flickr by a chap called Geno Malkiewicz, and on Thursday he asked me for permission to use them in a book he is editing about his great uncle’s experience in Europe in the Second World War, and his return 55 years later in search of his Belgian sweetheart. Which I thought was nice. Here’s one of the others he asked to use:

No Glove No Love

No Glove No Love


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Light Rain: 365-4


I am visiting a friend who lives in Belgium this weekend, for a much-needed getaway. Her city, Lier, is so pretty, even in the rain.


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LongCat: 365-3


There’s nothing as wonderful as a warm, content, sleepy cat stretched out on your lap.

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Christmas Reclaimed: 365-2


Today I took down my Christmas tree, it feels like December has been hanging over my head like a shroud. I feel more positive in the house already.
These are the Christmas decorations that I have been collecting from the different places I have visited over the past year. My little attempt to reclaim Christmas back for myself with my own little memories.
I’ve found the perfect home for them for the other 11-odd months of the year, nestled in a gorgeous Hotel Chocolat chocolate box, which was a present from my mum this year, and which I can’t bear to throw away (the chocs were delicious too). Spot on.


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365 2014

I’ve often thought about doing a 365 project but have never really begun to think about it at the right time. Not that there needs to be a right time, as 365 days can begin whenever you want really. But I like structure & to know where I am, so I am going with January 1st.

I’m also going to stick with photos rather than blog posts or anything else that you could do one a day of, because I know that’s achievable, and will allow (and make) me (to) think about what I want to share. I will aim to accompany each day’s photo with at least a sentence to give some context, which I hope will also keep my writing going whilst forcing me to be more succinct! The only other rules I set myself will be that I will include no food- or work-related posts.

This is my only plan (“resolution” if you like) for 2014. I want to keep it simple and focus on the basics rather than try to do too much and not manage it at all. Didn’t get round to much of 2013’s ideas, but then 2013 did take some unexpected twists and turns for me! It would be nice to think that in 365 days’ time, I’ll be back in the habit of making inspiration a priority again.

Here’s a little preview, of a situation I find comforting – being safe inside when the weather rages around. Taken at around dawn on 27th December 2013:

rain, window, dawn

Safe Inside


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