I’ve become a bit of a cloud geek recently. I don’t know the names for all the different types, and have no intention of memorising them, because I won’t remember. But I do like pretty ones, and dramatic ones, and in particular have noticed a difference between British clouds and Icelandic clouds (Icelandic ones seem nearer). If you’re a nerdier cloud geek than I, and want to explain why this is to me, bearing in mind that I know different clouds settle at different heights, and that’s not what I mean by seeming nearer, then feel free to explain. Otherwise, I shall remain happy in my ignorance and wonderment, and continue to post pretty pictures of clouds on this special cloudy page of my blog.

11th June 2010

I thought I’d start with some pictures I took this weekend as I was wandering up to the Brudenell to see the wonderful Laura J Martin play some songs. I may have taken a little longer to get there than hoped, as I saw some friends as I was walking past The Well (formerly Joseph’s, but I guess Joseph must have got bored). I stopped for a compulsory drink, which then meant I got even more easily distracted by the delights in the sky.

Here we go then, in no particular order:

I showed this to my friend Dave (who took the photos of me used in this blog) and he said it was one of his favourites. It's one of mine too, so you get to see it first.

Same clouds, but now pretending to be emanating from chimneys. Cunning clouds.

I like the contrasting light and smoke with this one

View over Hyde Park

Up near Leeds Univ.

Hospital clouds

10th July 2010

Well I’m watching The Lost Boys for the first time ever and I can’t help wishing I’d watched it back in 1987 when I wouldn’t have noticed all the awful perms and hammy acting. Mind you, I’m not complaining about Keifer Sutherland in eyeliner, even if he does have a dodgy dye job to go with it. So while my mind wanders a bit, I thought I’d bring you some more cloud pictures from the archive. These ones were taken on my way home and outside my house in early June 2010 – I like the fact I’ve got country village at one side of my house and urban sunset the other. Anyway – here y’go:


Country Lane

Urban Sunset


6 responses to “Clouds

  1. Beautiful!

    I really recommend the Cloud Spotters Guide: – it’s not nearly as geeky as it sounds, and gives you an incredible insight into what’s going on up there (plus contains a couple of amazing anecdotes).

  2. Jan’s flickr stream is always good for some northerly cloud pictures. Faroe islands (nearly Iceland) or perhaps not.
    Northern Sky

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