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Back up North

I’ve finally got all my Kenya stories off my chest, but now it’s time for my next adventure – back to Iceland for the Airwaves Festival, this time with my boyfriend Jamie who is even more excited than me if that’s possible. We’re planning on a little tour of the south coast first, hopefully taking in Jökulsárlón and the Westman Islands, before heading back to Reykjavik. Expect another flurry of posts over the next couple of weeks!

I’m also back up north in another sense, in that I’m now fully moved back to Leeds, including for work. Nine months off was great but it can’t last forever! I’ll be starting an initial year’s contract carrying out medication reviews in care homes, as well as still doing a few days a month for Boots. Medication review and care of the over 80s are both things I’ve always done, and loved doing, so hopefully this will be right up my street. Hooray!


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Today I left my job. I’ve been a pharmacist for 11 years. I will miss working with patients, working as equals with the whole medical team (something I really only think I’ve felt truly confident to do in the last year or so since I’ve been prescribing), and training pharmacy undergraduates, trainees, and junior pharmacists and doctors. What was wrong about my job is a story for another day.

I’ve got tons of things lined up that I’m excited about, but they don’t seem real quite yet. I’ve thought tons about what I want to do and I’m proper excited about being able to do them all on my own terms. But today it seems has been about seeing things differently. The things that have gone through my head today are:

– This is weird. Like it’s happening without me and I’m just watching a story unfold.

– There is actually a lot I’ll miss after all, but I know I won’t be able to do enough of the good stuff to make up for the soul-destroying stuff, so let’s carry on thinking positively.

– I still know I’m doing the right thing.

– Thank god I don’t ever have to get on that thing again [on seeing the staff shuttle bus drive past me in town]


And this evening I went for a meal with some of my wonderful friends. I nipped to the ladies and when I saw myself in the mirror, and I saw someone who wasn’t answerable to anyone any more.

And then I got home, walked in my front door, and felt in control of my own life, and happy.


I think there will be ups and downs to this, but one thing is certain, this is the best decision I could have made. Thankyou to all of my friends, and colleagues who have encouraged me and listened to me while I’ve found the guts to do this, especially Dave B, Vicky S and Helen S. Love you all xx

Here’s to the future!



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Not long to go


Not taken by me cos no one else would, oh no...

Well I’ve been a bit quiet on this ‘ere blog of mine recently, and I’m kinda annoyed at myself for not making more time to post, but for the moment I will be contenting myself with scribbling in appropriately coloured biros (pink is best, you can get them from the pound shop) in various dog-eared notebooks on the bus journey to work. Oh and I’ve been sticking stuff in my hair and making shiny things too.

I write in Gibberish. (Pink pen temporarily AWOL)

Give me 2 weeks though (less than 2 weeks now in fact, YAY!), and I will be free to scribble as much as I want. Well, providing I don’t go and decide I want to run about in a field with some bands playing or something. Which is a risk, let’s face it. So what’s so special about 2 weeks’ time? *drum roll please*:  I have quit my job and will be embarking on a much needed career break (ok, for career read sanity), and I’m proper excited. (You may know this already if you are eagle eyed, so apologies if so. But Brownie points for paying attention too!)

John Lydon. Proper mentalist. But very endearing too (he'll hate me for saying that)

I’m going to delight you all at a later point with my thoughts on this particular source of opportunity, but for the moment (and not least because I should be packing for the Kendal Calling Festival, trying not to get excited about seeing Pulled Apart By Horses, okgo, Dananananaykroyd, and Wild Beasts, then going to bed RIGHT NOW), I’m just going to say very quickly that I’ve still been getting up to fun stuff. I was asked to review the Leeds leg of the PiL tour for Clash Mag – very exciting! I don’t know if it’ll get used but if so I’ll obviously throw a link in this direction – and if not it was a bloody good gig, met some lovely chaps, and had fun writing about it, even if it’s just for your eyes.

Me and Jenn off of Sheffield

I’ve also been at Sheffield’s Tramlines festival and had a bloody good time, saw some ace bands and hung out with some more awesome chaps. And chappesses of course. Again, some scribbling about that from me should be finding its way onto Counterfeit before too long.

Wingman. I love the fact this man has "COCK x" written on his guitar

Next week, after Kendal Calling (obvs), I’ll be helping out folding origami cranes with Kirsty, ready for Hiroshima Memorial Day the following week. I may even write about it on here. Or I might just chill out and wash my wellies. Then after that – Freedom! Watch this space 😉



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