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Arty Facts

Travelling Butterflies by Pam Pauling, one of the Arts Trail Exhibitors

I’ve done a couple of interviews recently, one with Hana Gilbert who works at the Leeds gallery The Bowery, and who is organising the Headingley Arts Trail along with local businesses. It’s an opportunity to see local handmade arty things, and if you like, to buy an unusual Christmas pressie. It’s running on the 13th & 14th November, but don’t forget the launch evening on the 12th with free mince pies and mulled wine! All the information you need is in my article for the Culture Vulture.

The mischievous Lord Whitney woz ere

My next interview was with playfully inventive creative duo Lord Whitney, who have been nominated for the prestigious Illustrative Young Illustrators’ Award in Berlin, which will be announced on 5th November. Find out more about the award, how excited Lord Whitney are and just what exactly they’ll be exhibiting at the Awards exhibition on the Culture Vulture.

If you like their work and want to see it nearer to home than Berlin, then you can see what else they’re up to here.


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Everyone Loves The Brudenell


Places I Love on

It’s true. Everyone does. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. I even wore my Brudenell t-shirt to Iceland Airwaves and used the happy fact to bump into a fellow Leeds-er.

To cut a long story short, The Brudenell Social Club is simply one of, if not the best gig venue ever. To not cut the long story at all, I spoke to Nathan who runs the place, with dedication and passion, about why he thinks it’s so special, and I think between us we’ve managed to put our fingers on what makes so many people get excited about the Brud. I wrote the piece for Culture Vultures, so please head over there to have a read.

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August and Everything After


I’m sure you’re all dying to know what I’ve been up to then now I have my new-found freedom. The boring answer, sadly, is more work. Freelance locum work however, so that kinda makes it ok (nobody’s the boss of ME, right? Right. Good), and as the work will start drying up from next month I thought I’d best do some now or I won’t be able to buy catfood. Which wouldn’t make me very popular with this little character:

Furry madam

I *have* been up to some exciting stuff though, including lots of meetings of friends for tea, cake & coffee, spending time in fields (at Moorfest), and making lawts of shiny things as I’m doing my first craft fair next Friday. Come down and say hello. It’s at The Edge at Leeds University on Fri 3rd Sept in t’afternoon. I’ll tell you all about how that goes soon so watch this space.

Shiny stuff what I did make

I’ve also got an interview with Wild Beasts due to go in the next issue of No-Title Magazine. I met up with Tom & Ben from the band at Kendal Calling and got to chat to them about touring the US, what they like about Leeds, and their Mercury Prize nomination.

I ruddy love Wild Beasts and if you’ve not heard them, then you should quite frankly. In my personal opinion their nominated album Two Dancers pisses all over the competition (and it’s a really strong year with the likes of the XXFoals,Biffy ClyroLaura Marling, etc..) so I’ll be having everything crossed for them on Sept 7th. Hell, I’m even going to try and blag in to the awards. (*cough* if you are suitably connected to get me in, my email address is on the about me page).

Tom & Ben Beast

What I’m currently trying to avoid getting over-excited about is Leeds Festival – I’m off tomorrow early for Counterfeit [edit – after I’ve been to bed]. Nope, it’s no good, I’m rilly rilly excited!! We’ve been asked to cover as many new bands as possible, so not only do I avoid having to sit through a pissed-teenager-and-MOR-swamped main stage, I get to see about a million bands I’ve been wanting to see for ages, plus some of my favourite bands having tons of fun on stage.

I could start to list all the bands I want to see but I still have to find my wellies. However you’ll find me at the Festival Republic & BBC Introducing tents, especially if it’s noisy, new, and/or from Leeds or Sheffield. I’ll be dancing around, applying glitter to people, and looking for my pen.

I can’t look at this properly until I arrive because those wellies will never turn up otherwise, but the line-up looks like this. Scroll past the main stage bands and get stuck in!

Pyjamas & Cups, Leeds Fest 2009

You have to put up with me in over-excited mode a bit more though, because after that I have the Culture Vulture Secret Social to look forward to. Open to all, it’s a themed hobnobbing event, and Culture Vulture Emma Bearman prides herself in making it super special. This month’s is again in a secret location – we are promised food tasting though so we could be led into a darkened basement and I’d be happy! (Emma will be careful to point out it won’t be in a darkened basement however… Fascinating location guaranteed of course!)

Mr B. More rock n roll than Muse.

Then I’m off to Manchester to actually be a punter for once and see Muse play a supermassivegreenstadium with support from some bands I’ve definitely never heard of before called Pulled Apart by Horses and Editors. I’m particularly excited because I have never ever seen Muse play live before in my entire little life. I even skipped them this year at Glastonbury to see Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer because someone I know recommended him and I thought it’d be more rock n roll to spend the Saturday headline slot in a tiny tent up in la la land. (It was by the way, take my word for it).

In festival mode...

And finally, if you’re thinking about my title and wanting some Counting Crows, tough. Go find em on Spotify. If however you’re thinking about my title and thinking “Ha! The end of next week isn’t really everything after August now is it?!”, I will leave you with my extended-diary news that this week I have booked my flights to Reykjavik for the Iceland Airwaves festival in October, and a pre-festy trip to the northern Icelandic town of Akureyri. Northern Lights (hopefully), glaciers, whales, fish, hot pools, and lots and lots of live tunes. HELLYEAH!!!!)

OK, really going to find my wellies now…


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Herding Beats & Bees


Eeek! Bearded lady attacked by metal birdrobot

Time for a quick update then – hooray! In between bumming around at my day job and er – in various fields full of people, I have knocked up a couple more articles for ya.

Attack of the Paper Cranes

The first one is one from a few weeks ago when I went to learn how to fold bits of paper in the pub – I’ve been twice since and Kirsty is continuing to run her friendly origami classes, so if you fancy getting to grips with pretty bits of paper and a few pints, have a read of this and make sure you check Kirsty’s blog for foldageddon updates.

Crowdherding at Beatherder

And then we have my review of the Beatherder Festival which has just gone up on With pics from Adam Birch, you can have a look at my tales of bees, beekeepers, bishops and bearded ladies. Oh and there were a few bands playing too: Beatherder Review on Counterfeit

Hope you like x


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In Store for Record Store Day


Well I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit excited about Record Store Day. Which is probably quite a dangerous thing considering I am skint and don’t own a record player..

We have three independent record stores in Leeds who are participating in Record Store Day, and fortunately there aren’t just vinyl-related shenagins going on – releases will be on CD and cassette (god bless you Alison Goldfrapp!) too, plus some exclusive instore performances from some pretty big names.

You can read more about what’s going on in my culturevulture Record Store Day post here:

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In need of caffeine

I’ve *attempted* to sum up my upcoming April activities here for the ever-lovely Have a read. I’m going to be quite busy. And on top of that please bear in mind I also have Unfinished Drawings at Verve, and National Record Store Day all over Leeds on the 17th. And a full-time job.

I can have a break in May though – there’s another Bank Holiday and everything! Wrong. May Day Bank Holiday sees my birthday, Live at Leeds, and the last weekend I have to work out what I’m doing when I go to Iceland for a few days (answer: lots). Then there is the going to Iceland, and coming back via gigs with Pavement and Shonen Knife. All before the middle of the month.

So have pity, and buy me caffeine when you see me out.


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More on March on CultureVultures

Here be my latest post about March, on the ever-lovely theculturevulture:

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